Feliz Navidad | SYM
Davenport, FL


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Feliz Navidad [2:52] 2:52
Description: PICTURE: The cars version of a C17. I believe this is at Travis AFB, California. I ended up working on old Fred (Fucking Ridiculous Economic Disaster) A lot while I was stationed in Hawaii. I really didn't enjoy working on them as I did working other airframes like the C17 (I was on R&D team) or even the teeny weenie airlines...the T39 a little Lear jet. I had the good fortune to reassemble one and became its crew chief at Wright Patterson AFB. SONG: This was again recorded at Sunridge. Sunridge is the one house that I didn't have to build an area for a recording studio. It came with one that was about 12x20. yeah 240 sq.ft. A place for me to hide from my inebriated ex. I was in a Christmassy kind of mood and this is one of the half-dozen or so songs I recorded.
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