Oreo Cookie Blues | SYM
Davenport, FL


Song Length
Oreo Cookie Blues [3:12] 3:12
Description: PICTURE: Me at Kapaun Air Station in Vogelweh Germany playing my Guild D50SB. SONG: Another solo effort. This was recorded at the Sunridge location of Stern Flurry Productions. Just love playin' the blues from the way back time when I first started playing. Coming home and jamming at the Parfee Shop on 9G in Hyde Park, NY. Dang that had to be back about 1977 or 78 with my little Bro Bryan. I still hadn't gotten my Guild...yes I still have my 1976 D50SB, and it still plays great...of course I played it so much that I wore grooves into the fretboard so I had it repaired a few years back, plays better than ever.
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