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Rob was born in Denver, Colo. The multi talented, multi instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter started playing bass guitar at age 6. He got his first guitar by trading all of his Parliment Funkadelic albums to his older brother. His first professional music exposure came after moving to Atlanta in 79, and he found out that he lived four houses from Ray Ransom (The Bassist for the group BRICK), and Sonny Emory (Earth Wind & Fire Drummer) and was totally fascinated by their musicianship, mentor and friendship. While attending The Northside school of the Performing Arts in Atlanta, Rob played in several local bands around Atlanta. After high school Rob joined the U.S Army, where he served as a US Army Ranger, also serving as a personal Congressional Protection Specialist, and personal protection for Dr.Dre and Eminem to name a few. He loves cooking and listening to smooth Jazz. His favorite Jazz artists are The Braxton Brothers, Joyce Cooling, and the Yellow Jackets. Oh yeah, besides being a soldier of the Funk, he loves all the old school heavies as well as some pretty heavy metal bands. He continues to travel the country and the world playing with Jazz, Funk, Blues and metal acts, He plays it all. He looks forward to meeting new musicians, and creating new musical friendships. Stay cool and stay close.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Sexy White Girl [4:24] 4:24
My Circus [3:36] 3:36
All Bout Chu [3:23] 3:23
Woody Wood Thumper [3:16] 3:16
Don't You Want my Love [3:39] 3:39


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