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Norfolk, VA


Norfolk, VA

MCA Associate / Sound Engineer/Producer/Video Editor · Norfolk, Virginia · 2009 to present Raynard Bly specializes in video editing, musical works, movie trailers and commercials for the music & film industry. He also specializes in creating jingles, R&B and Hip Hop tracks along with creating and editing sounds for videogames. Raynard earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Production at Full Sail University. Raynard is a great collaborator and open to ideas of others that work with him. Raynard is truly dedicated to the arts and loves being musically creative. Raynard has worked with Tim Clark, Shirley Bailey, Burnie Burns, and Joe Jones. Raynard has also been taught by professors at Full Sail University whom have co-produced, mastered, sequenced and edited works for artist such as Mary J Blige, Wu Tang Clan. Jenny Jones, and Nordic Track commercials. NSync, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson, Erly Thornton, Jamie Willams, and many others. *INDUSTRY: Music & Film *TARGET AUDIENCE: Artist & A&R Directors *PASSION: Producing & Sound editing *TARGET AUDIENCE NEEDS: ARTIST- To provide artist with the necessary tracks that will help them express themselves through their music emotionally. A&R DIRECTORS- Being able to produce musical scores and songs that will be of good use to their creative visions whether it’s for music compilations or film production. *BRAND ADVANTAGE: Raynard has his own unique creative side, and dares to be different. He believes in keeping his work original as possible. *SKILLS: Raynard has his certification in Time Manipulation with Elastic Audio using ProTools & ProLogic (license F1D9D8). He also has his certification using Final Cut Pro X (license 3FC1C9). Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, and Sound Design. *BRAND VALUE- Raynard is people friendly and is always open-minded to ideas. He believes in freedom of expression for “A Creative Life Is a Productive One”- Raynard Bly REFERENCES: http://www.motorclubamerica.net/agents/raynardbly raynardbly9.wix.com/sterling#!bio/c13g4 raynardbly9.wix.com/sterling#!video-sound-editing/cgpo raynardbly9.wix.com/sterling#!music/c12bf ©2023 By Sunshine Lab. Proudly created by Wix.com, Raynard Bly “The Artist / The Producer” Professional webpage. Information gathered on 02-03-2015 www.itunes.com/rayluci ©2014 Apple Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. “Lyrically Constipated” By Raynard (Ray Luci) Bly. Released Jan 13, 2010 ©2010 BLAQUEVISION UNIVERSAL. Information collected on 02-03-201h5


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Let'em Tell It [3:13] 3:13
War Ready [3:34] 3:34
The Matrix [4:58] 4:58
Let It Go [2:37] 2:37
F.O.H N!66A [3:08] 3:08


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