Hate Machine | SYM
St Louis


Song Length
Hate Machine [4:25] 4:25
Description: Hate Machine A cold machine with an agenda A mass murder reforrendum The gears of aggression start to twist Pistons pumping prejudice The spark ignites, the engines roar Hatred burning to the core Fueled by fear, lies and deceit Angst in the air and blood in the street Play the game Feed the flame Feel no more Built for war Dividing Divices of Discontent Cultural Conveyor creating dissent The pawns are in play and march in tandem Systemic controlled propaganda The violence begins in trepidation Mechanized social manipulation The grinding wheels start to turn The dissidents start to burn Call my name Place the blame Bigotry The hate machine Calculating the favored gain Faceless leaders with no name Their tides of war have no end Dishonesty thrives in these men Total world decimation Free thought annihilation Domestic destruction , dystopian dawn The steam rolling weapon keeps rolling on Stand in line Its your time Society The hate machine Hate Machine Hate Machine