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Urban Forms 194 [10:17] 10:17
Description: This is a collection of 40 songs I made. All 40 are in 128kbps mp3 format You can easily edit(pitch/speed/length) or convert to Wav using a free audio editing software called Audacity. Songs are between 5 and 12 minutes each I am offering them as Royalty Free Songs to be used in any way shape or form. The only right I am not releasing is the sale of this bundle of my work to be resold however if you resample or reproduce these songs in any other form you will retain full ownership of that work. The files are in a google drive folder as seprate 128kbps mp3s which you can easily edit or convert to Wav using Audacity. The files can be downloaded separately or as one zip collection. *Purchase The License To Use Song Commercially Here:https://bobs-music-online-store.company.site/Urban-Forms-Vol-1-p332448823
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