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Good Evening Ladies And Gentlemen, we are The Nothing Theory. Our music is written purely to prevent us going insane from the pressure and our abuse of everyday life. We've been together for nearly two year's or so now and have recently made a few much needed changes. Check us out, give it a listen, if you like us pass it on. The band, in its basic form, started new years eve 2004 when Matt and Neash were at a New Years party. It was there and then that the 2 of them decided that they wanted to start something new, something different to the monotonous shit that was being poured out both alternatively and commercially everyday. TheNothingTheory was born. After a few unproductive months not a great deal happened, until The Nothing Theory was mentioned to a local vocalist by the name of James Lucas. He was asked to do some guest vocals for TNT. James soon joined Matt in the role of permanent TNT vocalists. Taking influences from Dance, Trance, Drum&Bass, Rock, Metal and Indie, to name but a few, TheNothingTheory create a musical explosion that they like to call TRANCEANDBASS or ELECTROGRUNGE. The Nothing Theory are not your run of the mill amateur band, TNT are proffesionals waiting to be noticed and believe me you wil notice them. The band are: Neash: Production, sequencing, recording writing James Lucas: Vocals Matt Black: Vocals, production, sequencing, writing Stig: Live bass Fessy: Live drums TheNothingTheory are currently in the proccess of independently recording thier debut album (Un-Natural_Selection), the tracks below are unfinished versions of the album tracks. Also, if you have any suggestions as to venues in the UK where you think we would be well suited to playing live then please send us a message to let us know!


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Progress [4:18] 4:18
Death by Digital [3:27] 3:27
Horizon [6:47] 6:47
Years End [2:23] 2:23
Go! [4:57] 4:57


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