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The group \"999\" (\"Three nine\") is founded in December, 1989 in a Lviv (Ukraine). In May, 1993 the group becomes the winner of festival \"Chervona Ruta-93 \" in a Donetsk. Then the group has won festivals \"Alternatives\", \"Taras Bulba\", television festival \"New stars of old year\", television festival \"Melody\". The group acted with concerts in cities of the Western and Central Europe: Budapest (Hungary), Munich (Germany), Paris, Melone (France), Szczecin, Warsaw (Poland). The group plays style of alternative and experimental music, but using such musical instrument as: a violin, a flute, a xylophone. And also traditional musical instruments such as: a guitar, a bass-guitar, drums and percussion. Structure of group it: Romanovskaja Elena (vocal), Vedenin Alexander (guitar, vocal), Tchoub Jury (bass-guitar, vocal), Ryzhyi Victor (violin, vocal), Stepanov Andrey (flute, vocal), Skipchak Oleg (Voytyuk Andriy) (xylophone, percussion), Tolstoi Gleb (drums)


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Song Length
Dogs of Bogs [3:52] 3:52
Kacyk Maya [2:27] 2:27
Gali-Ley N/A
Shysh N/A


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