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corning, NY


corning, NY

IT\\\\\\\'S MY FEAR OF FEAR THAT MAKES ME AFRAID, OF MY FEAR, THAT I FEAR THIS, MAKES ME AFRAID. [b] KINDRED1134 CAN NOW BE HEARD IN ROTATION ON JANGO RADIO http://www.jango.com/music/kindred1134 WITHOUT HOPE OR DESTINATION I see mankind slowly turn away. Is it possible to only have one face? If I\\\\\\\'m judging you, don\\\\\\\'t take it out of context. One can one care so much before they\\\\\\\'ll put\\\\\\\'em down. I\\\\\\\'ve wandered now for quite some time, Without hope or destination, it was you that brought me here. Relentless , full of wonder. The seeds in which we grow, Intoxicating nature they\\\\\\\'ll never let us go, They\\\\\\\'ll never let us grow, They\\\\\\\'ll never let us go A handful of new songs in the work, plus another handful of songs I wrote and recorded, but always felt need another perspective. I like to think of it as an experiment to find out if time can be that second perspective. Can it be that difference that pushes a creation into a work of magic. URL: [link=\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\"]http://remix.nin.com/member/kindred[/link] EMAIL: [link=\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\"][email protected][/link] [link=\\\\\\\"URL\\\\\\\"]http://www.myspace.com/kindred1134[/link] THANKS


Recent Tracks

Song Length
Missed the Train Home (written by myself and Mike Hosmer) [6:32] 6:32
Down In the Park (written by Gary Numan) [4:38] 4:38
That Was Never Mine [3:50] 3:50
Bluest of Blues [4:24] 4:24
Without Hope or Destination [5:51] 5:51


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