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Gilbert, AZ


Gilbert, AZ

Im 29 years old right now Im somewhat of a solo artist, writing songs for 2 different projects. Not in any all out bands at the moment. Although there is always the possibility. Im a singer, songwriter, play guitar, bass, drums, record, mix and produce all my music. I put together a studio in my house, and when inspiration strikes I turn it into the one man show and produce music. I am currently working on my own album, as well as currently jamming and tracking with Travis Howey. The music is a work in progress titled: Unheard Of. Pretty much a 2 man jam session, we capture our ideas when they happen rather than write this music. Complete and total spur of the moment. Songs are unplanned, bullsh*t emotions we carry everyday, that we channel into music. Restless, Draining, Rise, and Just You written played and recorded by Edgeworth. All vocs and instruments by Edgeworth with the exception of Vessel which is my bro Travis Howey on drums. Stay tuned, more music always on its way here.


Recent Tracks

Song Length
TYRANT [3:10] 3:10
JUST YOU [2:07] 2:07
RANDOM TRAGIC [2:36] 2:36
RESTLESS [3:27] 3:27
DRAINING [2:48] 2:48


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